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The Good That Comes From Suffering

A dear friend of mine recently lost her husband in a tragic accident. They met each other when they were in high school. I remember when she met him. We were in 10th grade. She was so giddy about it. They were sweethearts all the way through high school and I remember...

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recent interview

Cathryn got a chance to sit down with Shannon from Tactical Faith for an interview at the True Story Conference earlier this year.

Tactical Faith is a non-profit group based out of Birmingham, AL, that uses donations to bridge the gap between apologetics/theology training and local churches, primarily in the South.

See Cathryn at the 2019 Growing Deeper Roots Conference

See Cathryn at the 2019 Growing Deeper Roots Conference

October 4-5, 2019 | Kalamazoo Michigan

From Growing Deeper Roots

How did a last-minute conference about stories, evidence, and faith galvanize a
nationwide community of passionate people? Growing Deeper Roots was born in 2017 through observation of powerful synergy among three fields: Christian discipleship, theology, and apologetics. The Growing Deeper Roots conference has became an annual event in Western Michigan and Growing Deeper Roots now brings other life-changing events and content, attracting a growing and influential community from many different walks of life and disciplines united by their curiosity and passion for God, — and also by their shared discovery of an exciting secret to boldness.

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